DK is Kicking my Butt…

Yep, practice has been rough lately.. or more like non-existent, but I’m s-l-o-w-l-y getting back into it. I’ve got to rebuild that precious callus on the tip of my fingers…

On a side note, Life Time Fitness is AWESOME!!!! The classes  are great (DK- you should check them out!) and it gives me an excuse to ride my bike (20 miles) everyday!


Keep it Steady

#1: I’m proud to say I have practiced today!

#2: Metronome may become a prospect-friend… Arpeggione 3rd mvt well controlled at 108bpm. I guess it’s good to know where I stand!

#3: I better hit the gym! I feel my thighs growing along with my cello skills 😉

– Kloe

Stupid Schubert!

Maybe I lack patience or maybe I lack talent. But either way, after 30 min of practice on the 3rd mvt. of Schubert’s Arpeggione sonata, I still can’t get it right! ARGH!! And I’m only talking first half here! Practice Day #1 = rough!

The Great Discovery

OK – I admit it: shifting lines are AWESOME!
* Very helpful in those couple measures where shiftings happen every two notes…

Fit vs Cello Log Sheet (May)

Month of  MAY DK – Fitness Kloe – Cello
Wednesday May 5th

1h45 vs 0

Lifetime fittness- 45 minutes- elliptical

1 hour walk outside


1hr45 vs 1h45

1 hour session with personal trainer

45 minute walk outside

Suzuki bk 2-4

Popper #2 (1st half)
15 min.

Arpeggione mvt3
30+30 min.


1hr45 vs 1hr45

1 hour with personal trainer

45 minute walk outside

Suzuki Bk 1+2 Q-position Bk4 30 min.

Arpeggione mvt3 30+30 min.

Play for fun 15 min.

05/08/2010 lucky for you, I took the day off too!!! not looking good for me today…
05/09/2010 50 minutes at Lifetime Fitness (treadmill)

50 minutes walking outside

05/10/2010 1 hour with personal trainer

1 hour walk outside

50 min walk outside

05/12/2010 1 hr at lifetime fitness
05/13/2010 1 hr at lifetime fittness
05/14/2010 1 hr with trainer, 1.5 hrs walking
05/16/2010 1 hour at lifetime (running)
05/17/2010 1 hr. with personal trainer
05/19/2010 45 min walk, 1 hr on treadmill, 45 min walk
05/20/2010 1 hr with trainer, 40 min walk 30 min scales, arpeggios and suzuki

15 min Kabalevsky sonata mvt2

05/21/2010 45 min walk, 1 hr on treadmill 15 min scales+arpeggios

Combining Fitness and Cello

The main purpose of this blog is to help two people reconcile with two aspects of their lives: one is cello the other is fitness.

The two people:

Kloe (me): I am currently a student finishing my Baccalaureate in music performance, more specifically cello. And to be straightforward, the issue is that I have a VERY hard time practicing. On the other hand, I train and exercise everyday: I have a marathon and a 500 miles bike tour coming up. I love to cook and am basically a health-nut.

DK (my cello teacher): is one of the most prominent and insightful teachers in the field and works like no one else. As the hard worker that she is, she often forget herself and rarely (if ever) takes some “me-time”. This is where I come in: I will help her regain that healthy lifestyle by working out on a regular basis and make a point to take the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals.

The Challenge: Throughout the summer, we engage ourselves to log in the hours of exercise/cello practice (to each our own!). For every hours DK spends being physically active and cooking healthy meals, I must equal it in cello practice time.

Sounds easy? we’ll see…